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Seminar on "Education Series"

In today's highly competitive job scenario, it can give an edge to your students to acquire professional skill in Product Life Cycle Management(PLM), an area of study that is giving product designing a whole new meaning and dimension.

Think of Siemens Certified Professional Program as an add-on course module for your engineering curriculums.It could open up a world of opportunities for employment and career growth. Gearing up your students with the fast changing technologies in the sphere of PLM, cutting-edge concepts and futuristic innovations and proving the best of Siemens accumulated experience in PLM. While it means future for your students, it also means a better name for your institution.

The key value propositions of the program are :

1. Self-paced learning

2. Mapped to Curriculum - Semester Mapping

3. Industry based content

4. Industry interaction in the form of contests and communities

5. Siemens Certification

As for Siemens PLM Software technology, it is the world's most sought - after PLM Technology, used by over 140,000 customers worldwide. From tiny MP3 players to giant aircrafts, from steam iron to Formula-1 cars, Siemens PLM Software finds application in almost every product that requires product innovation.

The Siemens Certified Professional Program can open up wider opportunities for your students and add to your institution's repute.